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ArtSHINE Healthy LifeStyle for 2015: Focus and Commitment

Ever wondered how athletes keep their six packs, or maintain toned bodies? Simple exercises you’ll say! Wrong! The secret: focus and commitment. Two of the least tiring but most difficult things to achieve. But the two greatest for getting the [...]

December 4, 2014 body, Fitness, Health, lifeStyle

Healthy Lifestyle Week 11:The Trilogy of Healthy Lifestyle Success

 Fitness Coach Kmaru WEEK 11: The trilogy of a successful Healthy Lifestyle It has been a while from my last update as I have been busy preparing my move to London. A while back during my studies I was offered [...]

November 28, 2011 body, Fitness, lifeStyle, mind, spirit

Week Seven: Resistance Training

Week 7: Resistance Training Good day everyone and how was your weekend? I hope most of you are still committed to your fitness goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Before we proceed to this week’s topic, you must have already felt different [...]

July 11, 2011 body, Fitness, lifeStyle