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Inspirational Quote Of The Week!

“Life is short. If there was ever a moment to follow your passion and do something that matters to you, that moment is now.”  ~ Unknown [...]

July 28, 2014 inspiration, quotes

Inspirational Quote Of The Week!

When it comes to the future, there are three kinds of people: those who let it happen, those who make it happen, and those who wonder what happened. ~ John M. Richardson, Jr. [...]

October 7, 2013 motivation, quotes

Inspirational Quote of the Week!

  “Have the courage to say no. Have the courage to face the truth. Do the right thing because it is right. These are the magic keys to living your life with integrity.” ~ W. Clement Stone  [...]

August 5, 2013 motivation, quotes

Inspirational Quote of the Week!

“Purpose and Passion are the two most important ingredients for reaching your success and dream” ~Vinh Van Lam   So what is your Purpose and passion?   Learn more: But how do I know what my passion? [...]

July 29, 2013 inspiration, motivation, quotes

Quote of the Week!

“Miss the boat and you miss the opportunity to SHINE! Grasp the moment!” ~Vinh Van Lam New online business idea: Click Here! Work With Me – I’ll help you build your Empower Network Business and show you a long term MLM business [...]

July 8, 2013 inspiration, motivation, quotes

Inspirational Quote!

“Great leaders leave a trail of footprints that inspires you to follow your passions and dreams…” ~ Vinh Van Lam [...]

March 18, 2013 inspiration, quotes

Now Is The Time To Shine! -ArtSHINE ‘s Quote Book

We are very proud to announce the first publication from Vinh Van Lam at ArtSHINE. Our first book, an inspirational quote book, is now available for purchase at the Blurb bookstore. We’ve published this ArtSHINE inspirational quote book for all of [...]

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