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Money Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making

Image Credit – CC0 Licence When it comes to money, it’s easy to make mistakes that you didn’t even realize were mistakes. You might think that everything is going absolutely fine, but the reality is that it’s not, and your [...]

October 7, 2020 business tips, cashflow, Coaching & Planning, Financial

You’ve Worked Hard, Now Make Your Money Work Hard Too

Picture credit Success is hard to achieve. It can take years of work, sweat, and the odd tear. But if your projects are finally paying out, then it’s time to celebrate. You’ve worked hard for that money. Now you want [...]

June 29, 2017 business coaching, Business LifeStyle, business tips, cashflow, Creative Industries, Financial, Money & Finance

Money… a necessary evil? by Marie Nicole

In our most difficult financial period my husband would constantly say; “We need to take money out of the equation!” So we made it our mission to work out how we could live in a way that did not depend [...]

August 23, 2012 business tips