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Smart Money-Saving Tips For New Businesses

(Source: One of the biggest problems people have when starting a business is money. They’re worried about using up too much and running the startup budget into the ground. It’s hard, to begin with, as your income isn’t going [...]

May 15, 2017 business coaching, business tips, cashflow, Financial, Money & Finance, running a business

How To Get Started In The World Of Retail

So, you want to join the world of retail, huh? Welcome to a challenging marketplace where you’ll be tested on a day-by-day basis. If you’ve got a perfect idea for a retail-based business, there are all sorts of ways you [...]

April 19, 2016 business coaching, Business LifeStyle, business tips, design tips

Create Support For Your Start Up

Your business is a precious asset. Your customers look towards you with curiosity and wonder. They see someone they want to do business with. You’ve gone to a lot of trouble to gain their attention. You’ve invested a lot in [...]

December 1, 2015 business coaching, business tips

Profit from your passion: Step One

Here at ArtSHINE, we are passionate about business, and we put the business into passion! Many of us harbour a great skill or are good at a hobby, but shy away from taking it forward and profiting from it. Why [...]

December 5, 2014 Business LifeStyle, cashflow, DPP (Desire, Passion, purpose), Money & Finance, running a business, starting a business

Who are the Key Stakeholders in your business?

As every business is different, so too will the stakeholders in a business vary. Recognising whom your business depends on is essential because they will determine your success. Stakeholders are a group of individuals or groups with an interest in [...]

June 28, 2013 business tips, running a business, starting a business, Team Building

All businesses start with an idea!

Remember you said you don’t know where to start with your business. All businesses start with an idea. An idea is worth pursuing will become your passion. Your passion will give you the real purpose to do what you love. [...]

June 26, 2013 business tips, Coaching & Planning, OPIC, Purpose Goals, running a business, smart goal