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YouTube Marketing as a Link Building Strategy

Credit Image YouTube Marketing has almost become a synonym for Video Marketing. Being the second largest search engine next to Google and also owned by the first search engine Google, YouTube boasts of 2 billion user visits every month with [...]

February 1, 2022 business coaching, business tips, Coaching & Planning, Creative Industries, Latest Posts, marketing, online marketing

How to Grow your Business on YouTube?

Credit image It is assumed that promoting one’s business on YouTube is not an easy task. And this hinders growth for a lot of businesses, making them believe that there is no space for them on the platform. However, the [...]

August 2, 2021 business coaching, Business System, business tips, Coaching & Planning, Creative Industries, marketing, online marketing

The Power of 5 Part 1 – Facebook

Have you ever wondered which social media outlet you should jump on? Which one is effective and will benefit your business? Where to start one? What to do? How to engage? Today, we are going to talk about the power [...]

February 1, 2012 business tips