Get fit and stay motivated during Winter by Fitness Coach Chris Dounis

chris Dounis

Does your fitness training regime move into hibernation 

during the winter months?

Do you use any excuse that you can think of to not get out of that warm and cosy bed and head to the gym?

Use some of these tips to make sure that the hard work of the previous several months does not evaporate before your eyes.

  1. Re-set your training goals. Often one of the goals of the clients that I work with is to look better for the beach or just during the warmer months where we tend to have a bit of flesh out to show. Obviously, this goal is not going to be appropriate during the winter months, when we usually cover every square centimetre of our body and a dip at the beach sounds more like torture than pleasure! Your goal at this time of the year might switch to more of an athletic achievement, such as beating a personal best time on the treadmill or during your run or lifting a personal best. The goal that you might chose is completely up to you, but SMART goals are very motivating and certainly will help to keep your motivation during winter.
  2. Keep the same routine. If you are normally a morning trainer, don’t attempt to start heading in to the gym after work because the evidence indicates that you probably won’t go to the gym at all! As hard as it can be to jump out of bed on a cold and dark winter morning, once you are up and on your way to the gym you will be glad that you have made the effort. As I always tell my clients, the hardest part of training is walking through the gym door!
  3. Try something new. There is no better time to look at doing something that you have been putting off, if for no other reason than the fact that it will keep you engaged through the difficult winter months. It is very easy to become bored and demotivated during the cold months, so anything that can keep you engaged can only be a good thing. This might mean trying that new class that you kept putting off. Or going for that bay run that you never had time to do. It might even mean getting a Personal Trainer to help you come up with some ideas to help keep you focussed.

Yours in health.

Chris Dounis.

Your personal trainer

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