What determine the value of your artwork? Part 2 “Authenticity “

“The Falls” Media: Acrylic, 900 x 1200mm

Artist: Anthony Van Lam

Factor 1: “Authenticity “

“Be Authentic , be distinctive, be yourself and create art from your heart “

~ Vinh Van Lam

Authenticity means expressing your real self, whether in life and in art.

Authenticity is particularly important in the Art world. It’s about more than just being honest. It’s about not being a poseur either. It is about ‘Keeping it real’. It’s instead about being true to one’s self, one’s beliefs and one’s expression.

Don’t try to be someone else, or copy styles or work. Honour your own creativity and let it shine. Create original work with you own interpretations. No one else can do that except you. You are the creator of your own masterpieces. This will make you authentic, unique in the art world.

Authenticity is the first factor What determine the value of your artwork?

Next week we will talk about factor 2: Medium

Stay tune for next week

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