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When you work in the construction industry, one of the biggest challenges your business faces is the constant battle to keep your sites safe. Naturally, the average construction site is filled with things that could cause serious accidents if treated improperly or used by the wrong people and that could lead to lawsuits and huge compensation payments if you aren’t careful. That’s why you need to take safety seriously.

With that in mind, here are some things you can do to increase the safeness of your construction site:

Organization and Planning

Ensuring that you take plenty of time to organize and plan a project for not only maximum efficiency but for excellent safety, is the first step to success. Following basic health and safety procedures and ensuring that you only assign tasks to staff who have been trained to them is a good place to start. However, ensuring that you also have a list of emergency contacts, a qualified online first-aider and safe places to store stuff is also important.


Training is vital to the safety of any construction site. There is nothing that can replace training your workers to the highest standards in terms of keeping them safe, and ensuring a high standard of work. So, you should never cut back on your training budget – find other things to trim the fat from first if you need to make savings.


It’s also vitally important that everyone on site is able to communicate effectively with one another is also extremely important. Radio Warehouse sell some excellent commercial walkie-talkies which are useful for this purpose. Use them to inform onsite staff of any dangers as they occur.

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Secure the Site

Securing the site using products from The Temporary Fencing Shop is a vital way of keeping members of the public, who really shouldn’t be there off your construction site where they can’t do any harm to your equipment, or more importantly to themselves. This will help to keep your business safe from litigation. Of course, now is a good time to mention that you should always have a comprehensive insurance policy which covers public liability as well as your employees when you’re operating a construction business. No matter how hard you try to keep things safe, accidents can happen.

The Right Protective Equipment

Something else that you should never scrimp on is the cost of protective equipment for your employees. No one should be working on your site without proper, certified safe hard hats, google, gloves, and clothing, for example. If you buy cheap inferior protective clothing, then chances are that something will go wrong and someone will get hurt. There is no excuse for not providing the correct safety gear.

Signs and Posters

Putting up lots of signs and posters highlighting the correct procedures and warning people about potential dangers in the vicinity is a good way to keep safety at the forefront of everyone’s mind, keeping them more alert so that fewer accidents are likely to occur.

Here’s to a safe construction site!


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