Protect Your House From The Elements This Autumn


Owning a house is a privilege we all enjoy as adults and maintaining a structurally sound and safe home is a task we must learn as we go along. When it comes to maintaining and protecting the home, it is important for us to shield it from the elements to protect both the structural integrity of the house and ourselves. 

Whether it’s Commercial Waterproofing at the office, covering water pipes to prevent freezing, or retiling the roof… today we are going to take a look at some of the things you can do to protect your home from the elements this winter. 

1 Keep up to date

The simplest and most important tip to take into account is to keep up to date with maintenance at home. This includes fixing cracks when you notice them, sealing leaky pipes or taps, and unblocking internal and external drains to prevent water getting into the brickwork.  

2 Repair brickwork

Think of the brickwork of your home as a physical shield between you and the outside world. In order to stop water or cold air coming into the home we need to keep the brickwork sturdy and clean. Make sure that you cover any cracks in the brickwork and mend anything which is damaged. Anything which lets damp into the home is a risk to the house and your health, and the last thing you want is the water freezing in winter, causing expansion and more cracks to form. 

3 Allow ventilation 

As much as we may want to insulate the home and keep it warm, it is just as important to allow airflow through the home. You will notice in areas around the house that there are small gaps and air bricks which allow for the safe flow of air through your home. If you cover these up or block them, they will not allow air through the house and this can cause issues. Without ventilation, the air will become moist, and with moisture will come mould and mildew. This can cause issues with the wallpaper and walls themselves, and will also be bad for your health. Make sure there is plenty of ventilation in the home. 

4 Replace roof tiles

The most basic definition of shelter is something that covers you and protects you from rain and other weather conditions. A roof is the first defence for the elements and you need to work to protect it at all costs. This means if a roof tile is damaged, wonky, or missing, you should replace it as soon as you can. Roof tiles are designed to allow water to run off into your gutters and away from the house, so if you don’t replace a tile you may bring damp into the home. 

5 Insulate 

One of the main things we want to protect ourselves from the house in winter is the cold. It is all too easy to become cold during the winter and this is why in the house we should always work to insulate the walls. It is important for us to try and insulate the walls and the roof to keep warm air in and keep the cold air out. 

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