Popular shoes almost every woman owns


Are you a shoeaholic? We are too! If it was up to you, would you end up buying shoes like celebs and build a whole closet for your collection? We have been there, but limited budget and space always held us back. To make things easier for you, we have created a list of popular shoes every woman must own in their closet. If you want to add that oomph even to your basic everyday dresses, it takes more of a sense about how to pair the shoes with dresses rather than an endless collection. To explore your options, visit online shoes in Australia

  1. Ballet pumps

Ballet pumps in neutral colors are a must-have in every girl’s closet. You can pair them with shorts, dresses, jeans, skirts etc. You name it, and ballet pumps will complement that dress. Ballet pumps are not only stylish but are super comfortable and make a good choice for everyday casual wear. You can wear those to work, malls or even friends’ get together. Invest money in good quality ballet pumps because on a morning after a tiring evening event, and ballet pumps will always be there to save your day. 

2. Pointy Flats

Like ballet flats, pointy flats in solid colors look tremendously chic with any outfit. They give you a more feminine and sophisticated feel. You can add in a bit of color to your neutral outfits with pointed flats and can easily pair them with jeans or a dress. Did you know that wearing nude pointed flats will make your legs look longer? If you are petite, without wasting any more time, own a pair of pointy flats. 

  1. Sneakers

Are you one of those ladies who think you don’t need sneakers in your life? Well, you got it wrong. A pair of stylish and feminine sneakers can make tasks like shopping or travelling a lot easier without compromising on the style. If you don’t already own one, next time you go out, find yourself a pair of nice sneakers to complete the look. 

  1. Oxfords

Did we say Oxfords? Yes, we just said Oxfords! Oxfords, paired with a feminine and trendy dress, will make you stand out in a crowd. Take out a bright colored dress from your closet and make it look even more fabulous with a pair of oxfords. Thank us later when people compliment you.  

     5. Ankle Boots

Nobody’s shoe collection is complete without a pair of ankle boots. Even if you buy an expensive pair of ankle boots, you won’t regret it. You can use them all year round. We recommend getting a pair of ankle boots in black or brown color so you can easily wear it with any outfit in your closet.   

  1. Must have Black Pumps

We are yet to meet a woman who does not own a pair of black pumps. Going to work, wear your black pumps. Going to meet a friend, you know the answer. Black pumps are amongst the most popular shoes every woman owns. 

  1. Classic Nudes

Classic Nude heels are called classic due to some reason. We all want it, and we wear it all year round. They are stylish, feminine, and always in fashion. They make your legs appear longer and give you a graceful look. Without compromising on the comfort, find yourself a pair of nude heels if you do not already own one. 

  1. Wedges

Wearing a skirt, pair it with wedges. Wearing a dress, pair it with wedges. Going to a beach party? Wear your wedges. Do we need to say anything more? You can never remove the wedges from the list of popular shoes every woman owns. In outdoor events where you are most likely to dip heels in the ground, you can pair the wedges with your dress to achieve your desired look. 

  1. Flat Sandal

There’s nothing like a pair of nice leather flat sandals in tan or brown color for summer or spring. You can wear flat sandals with all kinds of outfits, and they are ideal for trips to tropical areas. You can also wear them to malls or while visiting family and friends. A pair of flat sandals can never go out of style. 

  1. Open-Toe Booties

Want to wear something that looks different than ankle boots but serve the same purpose, thinks no more and grab a pair of open-toe booties. They don’t only look feminine and edgy but can also be paired with any outfit; hence added to the list of popular shoes every woman should own. 

  1. Metallic Heels

Our love for Metallic Heels is never-ending, and we cannot stress over the fact that they take place in the list of most popular shows any woman own without a doubt. To add a little glamour to your neutral dress or jeans, wear it with metallic heels and rock the look like no other. Apply your favorite nail paint, wear your cocktail dress paired with metallic heels and leave a statement everywhere you go.


  1. Animal Print Heels

Animal print heels are a must-have for creating a bold look. They add glamour to your entire look without overdoing it. Animal print shoes can pair easily with all kinds of dresses and are appropriate for every occasion. 

  1. All-weather boots

For rainy days or cold weather, all long weather boots will keep you cozy without compromising on your look. These boots are waterproof and fit well to keep you warm. Some people might think that long boots are difficult to match with the outfit. However, pairing it with ripped jeans, a nice jacket and neck warmer you can look chick effortlessly. You can also pair with short dresses by adding some chunky accessories and will slay the look


The list of the most popular shoes every woman own that we have compiled is going to help you if you pair the right type of shoes with your outfit for any occasion. It’s about time you stop ordering matching shoes with every outfit but get creative and create a complete outfit with the shoes you have in your closet. If you do not own a pair of shoes that we mentioned in our list, do a thorough research of available options in the market and pick the best fit for you. Without trying on a shoe, it becomes difficult if it will be comfortable for you, so we advise you to try on a shoe before purchasing. If you are buying online, then make sure you check the return or exchange policy to avoid wasting your money in case the shoe doesn’t fit you well. 



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