In today’s post we’ll share with you how to best organise your OPIC Diary Planner.

2020 is all about planning, organising, and focusing on what really matters for you and your Business LifeStyle.

Many people think ‘Focus’ is all about saying yes to the thing you’ve decided to focus on. In fact, this is far from true. True focus means saying no to many other great ideas that may come your way.

Focus is about making good choices and not saying yes to everything you come across. Focus is about being disciplined and understanding your purpose by setting purposeful goals.

Today we are going to show you how we compile the OPIC Diary Planner into a folder so you can get your system set up and ready to use.

The whole purpose of the OPIC Planner is to have a central place to keep your written goals, tasks, and activities.  For us it’s like a form of mind mapping.  You’ll feel so much better when everything is written down – it keeps you focused and you can keep track of the ‘Must do’ tasks.

The OPIC Planner has a checklist which, for you, is half the battle when it comes to getting things accomplished – the planner simplifies things and keeps you focused on the most important tasks.

Just think of how quickly you will reach your goals when you successfully complete your ‘3 Must Do’ tasks every single day.

A4 Folder & Monthly Dividers

How to set up the OPIC Diary Planner

  1. Choose an A4 folder you would like to use. You can use a 2, 3, or 4 ring A4 folder.

Using a monthly divider will help you keep organised.

Once you’ve got your planner folder, you’ll need to FILL it!

  • Print out the OPIC Diary Planner. You can print the whole planner, or just print month by month. We highly recommend you print out at least 3 months of planner pages so you can plan your activities in advance. It’ll give you a bigger picture of your business activities.

  • Add monthly dividers for your sections. By the dividing with month on the side tabs this way your planner is organised and easy to manage.

  • The planner is designed in the following order:

    • 2020 Yearly OPIC Planner.

    • 2020 Yearly OPIC Achievement.

    • Monthly OPIC Planner.

    • Weekly OPIC Planner.

    • Daily OPIC Planner.

    • 2021 OPIC Yearly Planner.

  • You can also add pocket sleeves to each month. We use these little stickers to flag reminders. Be creative and make your planner fun and colourful. You can also use colours pens highlight your planner too. The pocket sleeves are handy to hold receipts or business cards and when the month completed you can refile them.

Now is your turn to set your own OPIC Planner. Have fun with it!


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