Best Social Media Marketing Tips For Artists

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If you’re an artist, and you want to earn money from your passion, then social media marketing is essential. All businesses could benefit from having a closer relationship with their customers. However, social marketing comes much more naturally to creative niches. If you want to gain some exposure using this great platform, then here are some of my best tips.

First of all, optimise your presence on Facebook. If you want the most exposure, then you should be using several social networks. However, Facebook is the most widely used network by a long shot. With one billion active users, you’d be hurting your business simply by not having a Facebook page. Once you’ve set your page up, get some friends and family to ‘like’ it, then start posting. Posting on Facebook should follow similar strategies to blog content. Make sure to keep it varied, and engaging to your base of followers. Content should be posted once or twice a week, but you should be engaging with your followers on a daily basis. Answer questions anyone might have, and use polls or news stories to start a discussion on your page.

My next tip is aimed more at artists who use several different channels. Consider using a social media management tool to keep your campaigns more organised. If you’re sick of going from network to network, drafting and posting different pieces of content, these tools are certainly for you. Through a management tool, you’ll be able to compose content, and schedule it for posting across all your different platforms. You’ll also be able to switch between networks quickly, and interact with them in an easier, more streamlined way. Some even come with content research features. These will show you the hottest topics on each platform, ensuring you never run out of ideas concerning what to post. This is something countless creatives have an issue with! Start using a social management app, and your campaigns will become so much easier to organise.

Finally, start a blog. Blogs aren’t typically thought of as being part of social media. However, they tie in pretty nicely with social networks, and are fantastic for getting exposure. When you have an active blog, people will find it much easier to find your artwork through search engines. It also gives you one more venue for posting content, and engaging with your fan base. You should use this much the same as your other social platforms; posting new pieces of work and promoting shows. However, you could also use your blog as something more exclusive. Post ‘behind the scenes’ updates, showing different stages of your work. You might want to write an article about how you were inspired to create a certain piece. Whatever you do, try to throw in something exclusive for those interested enough to follow your blog.

Take these tips on board, and your art will get a lot more exposure in a short space of time! Just remember to stick to your schedule, and to engage with your followers whenever the situation calls for it. Good luck!

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