Nobody said that starting a business would be easy. But for some people, not starting a business is not an option. It’s just something that is in their DNA. It’s something that they have to do to feel satisfied with their existence.

The challenges that face entrepreneurs are deep. But if they can be overcome, the rewards are epic. For people who are happy to begin with, there is nothing better than living the life of a successful entrepreneur.


Self-doubt is both the entrepreneur’s greatest ally and greatest foe. Self-doubt is an ally in that it is what prevents 99 percent of people starting their own business. The one percent that remains only have to compete with each other. So there is less competition than there could be.

But self-doubt can cripple an entrepreneur. Being an entrepreneur can be terrifying because being successful is terrifying. All our lives we’re told to strive for mediocrity when many of us have the capacity for achieving something great. In these situations, it’s usually helpful to remind yourself of your own mortality. You only have a small amount of time to live the way you want to live. And nobody is stopping you from doing so besides your own self-doubt. It would be terrible to get to the end of your life wishing you had at least tried to spend it differently.

Legal Issues

If you’re looking to set up a business, you’ll need more protection than if you were just a sole trader. Fortunately, there are many law firms now offering assistance.

Law firms can advise on tax issues. But they can also give you a sense of the risks to which your business is exposed. Most law firms will work with you to reduce the chances that you’ll be taken to court. And many specialise in helping entrepreneurs navigate the legal minefield.

Negative People

Beware, there are a lot of individuals in your personal life who will try to derail your business ambition. Fundamentally, these people are afraid that your excellence will highlight their mediocrity. They would rather you sat on your laurels, wasting away your life just like they do.

Don’t allow these people to influence you for a second. Many entrepreneurs find it best to cut ties with these people, at least initially. Being around these people is another mental burden and can sap your energy.

Successful people have a growth mindset. They’re able to move on and leave dysfunctional relationships behind. If you want to be successful too, it’s imperative to let go of the people who don’t want the best for you and embrace those that do.

Finding Customers

The key to a successful business is starting out slow. Don’t try to force sales. Build up a client base gradually. Let it grow organically.

This way you’ll end up with a far more sustainable business. If you push sales on people, they’ll be less satisfied. And ultimately, you’ll garner fewer sales in the long term. Always remember, slow and steady wins the race – at least, when it comes to business.

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