Are IT Advances Good or Bad for Your Workplace?


Information technology has changed business tremendously over the last couple of decades. But has it been for the best? Well, those who don’t think so probably aren’t harnessing its power correctly. Have you considered all of the benefits?

Here’s a quick look at some of the areas that IT advances have been changing dramatically as of late.

Technology is improving our flexibility

A lot of people complain about their job. But you’ll probably find that their complaints aren’t to be found so much in the job itself. They may love that job itself. But let’s face it: a lot of people don’t like to leave the house! The fact is that work often needs to play second fiddle to the personal needs of your workers. Thankfully, advances in IT have made it more feasible than ever for people to work remotely. Flexibility can be key to success. IT Advances Good or Bad for Your Workplace?


Increasing cost efficiency

For some people, all these advances in technology are nothing but bad news for their wallets. From a short-term perspective, it’s easy to see where that view comes from. A lot of these new technologies aren’t exactly cheap, after all! And having so much pressure to invest in these new technologies gives the impression that these advances become a forced expense. But there’s no denying that, in the long run, technology can help you save money. It reduces the amount of time it takes to do a lot of tasks. It can also reduce the size of the workforce you need, although not everyone would be willing to say that’s a big plus.

Making sure everything is running smoothly

Has technology made things simpler? Well, it’s definitely made a lot of things easier. But in order to make sure the technology in your office can keep doing its job, you need to ensure it’s in good condition. That’s where many business owners find that things aren’t as simple as they appeared. Making sure the tech in your office is repaired in the best possible way can seem like a complex and expensive task. Many would be tempted to say that this takes points away from the “technology is good for business!” side. But there are plenty of good IT support services that can help you negate those problems. IT Advances Good or Bad for Your Workplace?


Automation in the office

One of the earliest “plus” points of technology was always found it its ability to automate tasks. But for many business owners working in an office, they may wonder how exactly automation can help them. When we think about this kind of automation, we usually think about manufacturing and assembly lines. What good can automation do in an office? Well, information storage, data exchanging, and other forms of management can be automated!

Are we losing our appreciation of human workers?

It’s been a hot question for over a hundred years. With all these advances in technology, have we lost sight of the human side of the workplace? Well, an important thing to consider here is that we’re still asking the question after a hundred years. Doomsayers have been predicting the replacement of all human worker with robots for a long time now. But there’s no sign of that happening in pretty much any sector. In fact, 140 years of data shows that technology has actually created more jobs than it has made obsolete. So don’t be too quick to dismiss technology on humanitarian grounds. IT Advances Good or Bad for Your Workplace?


Communication problems

Using instant messaging at work has now become very widespread. Perhaps a few years ago, most people would still be using emails for most of their virtual communication with employees. Because emails are so formal and thus take quite a long time to write, people would often eschew them. They’d get out of their seat and speak to their colleague about something instead. But with instant messaging, we can engage in quick and less formal discussion at work. This is, for the most part, very good. We can’t always assume people have the time for face-to-face communication, after all! This being said, you shouldn’t come to rely on it entirely. Face-to-face communication with your colleagues is still very important.

Is your business becoming too dependent?

So here’s an interesting question that people don’t ask themselves enough. On a level dealing with personal matters or entertainment, people do often think about this. But business owners rarely stop to ask themselves this question.: Is my business too reliant on technology? What would happen if a particular piece of technology in my office were to go down? Unfortunately, there’s not really an easy solution to these questions. It is worth thinking about, though. Take another look at your business and see if there are areas in which you could reduce dependency.

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