Why Traditional Marketing Campaigns Still Work

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Many businesses have shifted their marketing strategies toward online campaigns. Most of us reach our customers and even sell our goods and services online. It makes sense to explore all that the internet has to offer to be sure that online trade continues to grow. But for many companies, this has come at the expense of more traditional media and campaigns. Now the budget and manpower have moved toward online marketing, offline marketing may have been forgotten.

There are plenty of reasons for keeping up the momentum of media like print. It has become harder and harder to reach customers through their online services. Companies struggle to be heard above all the other competitor campaigns. And many avid users of social media and gaming have learned to ignore adverts that interrupt them. If anything, it annoys your potential customers. This is especially true if your message pops up on their personal devices while they’re busy communicating with friends. What you need are ways to get your customers to come to you.

Offline marketing can be ideal for this. A personal or physical presence provides more impact. Think about the traditional marketing stand in the mall or at an exhibition. All you need is a stand with your logo on it, and a reason for someone to stop by. You can make more impact in a big space with something like the event tents from Dynamic Gift. That way, your logo or brand will be spotted by more people. It will reach a bigger audience. And it will pique your customer’s interest.

Once you have your customer at the stand, you can provide plenty of routes back to your website to make a sale. Use a QR stamp on a poster. Why not hand out a flyer with a call to action? Use the leaflet as a way to engage your customer. A simple puzzle, quiz, or entertaining cartoon can keep their eyes on your logo for a lot longer than an online ad they skip. Link them to a landing page and your campaign can be 100% measurable, helping you determine your ROI.

An event stand is also the perfect place to gather high-quality customer data. You can ask and answer questions from those that are your customers as well as those that could be. Merchandise helps new customers remember you long after they’ve gone home. These traditional techniques are still valid no matter what demographic your customers fit. If you want them to reach your website or your social media pages, give them a reason to go there. A game at your stand or an opportunity to engage in a video vox pops session could be just the thing to encourage viral sharing.

Reaching out to customers offers you the chance to enhance your PR campaigns as well. Putting a face to an online brand can be quite impactful for your target demographic. Most importantly, it makes your company more real to them. Novelty items, entertaining shows, and meet-and-greets need never fade away. How will you utilize traditional media next quarter?

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