Is Your Office Hurting Your Business? Do Something About It


The office is a resource that’s a lot more useful to businesses than many realise. It’s not just a roof to get everyone working under. It can provide exactly the kind of environment your employees need to excel. Of course, there’s a flipside to this, as well. It can just as easily hamper your business and increase the risk of your employees getting hurt or sick. Here, we’ll look at the three major points of keeping your workplace safer and better to work in.

Inspecting the workplace carefully

The first thing that needs to be done is a closer look at the property. There are many potential health risks that may be lurking unseen for those who don’t do a proper inspection. By far the most common concern in older buildings is the presence of asbestos in the ceilings. Even older buildings may have to contend with the danger of lead paint, which can flake off and cause real damage. Any building can also be susceptible to mould and damp. This can cause serious respiratory problems, so it’s important to think about how you protect the business from rain and wind. Sealing all gaps and fitting metal roofing are measures all office owners should consider.

Keeping clear of the clutter

Just as many risks in the office can be caused by human hands as they can by the building. One of the most common kinds of accidental deaths is those caused by slips, trips, and falls. Most of them are caused by none other than clutter littering the most trafficked walkways in the office. Dirty offices also tend to be unhygienic spaces that make it easier for employees to get sick. For the sake of their health, make sure everyone is responsible for tidying up their mess. More than just helping their health, it also gives the office a far more professional look. That kind of setting plays a real effect on how engaged your employees are in their workplace.

A professional space shouldn’t be rigid

The idea of relaxing or being comfortable in the workspace might not seem all that intuitive to productivity-mad bosses. You might be thinking that comfort is the enemy of productivity. It’s just the opposite. Uncomfortable, lifeless spaces sap motivation from your employees. Natural light is considered one of the most important factors in keeping people fresh and engaged. Then you have the fact that you should be concerned about health problems that can arise due to uncomfortable spaces. Everything from the right office chairs to wrist rests for every computer desk can fight the risk of repetitive strain injury. When you’re considering any furniture additions, make sure that ergonomics plays a part in your decision making.

The health and safety of your employees should always one of the top concerns for a business owner. But optimising your office can do even more. A company that cares about its employees and its properties is a lot more likely to see respect and motivation from those working in it.

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