The 6 Best Non-Digital Lead Strategies

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Relying on the good old-fashioned methods to win new customers?

Traditional marketing means still rank high among the most preferred choice of advertising. Why do we think so? It is because it has been here the longest. Reading a billboard, watching a TV advert, or listening to the radio while driving still remain activities that people find themselves doing the most.

You may believe that such means only work best if the target is a small local community, but that isn’t always the case. When it comes to lead generation, it is these means that have given birth to all the digital ones. What is lead generation and how does it work by using non-digital means of marketing? We will discuss it all in this article.

Understanding Lead Generation

It is the act of capturing and stimulating interest in any product or service with the sole aim to develop a sales pipeline. Lead generation involves reaching out to new buyers by using the best advertising means to a point that all these efforts are converted into revenue and loyal relationships with customers.

What Still Works?

It may not reap similar benefits as digital marketing may, but it has been here forever. It worked in the past too, didn’t it?

1.    Print Ads:

Be it in magazines, newspapers, brochures, newsletters, or any other print format, they are instant attention grabbers if drafted creatively. They are easy to distribute and can offer valuable information to your customers about everything your brand does or plans to do. They could serve as reminders or pass on some new piece of information about your brand, such as a new, modified drink flavour, an event that you plan to sponsor, or simply that you have been in the market for 50 years.

2.    Radio:

These include radio advertisements where you buy air space for a specific time slot and get your advert played on the radio. It could be in the form of a catchy jingle, or a humorous or interactive one. The point is to get the customer’s attention and stay on top of their mind, influencing them to purchase your product.

3.    Direct Mail:

These include catalogues, brochures, letters, or any other printed material that is directly mailed to the customer’s address. They too have proven to be an interest-building strategy that helps generate leads.

4.    Billboards and Aerial Banners:

Banners and billboards, both attract audiences if they offer something unique. Also, the right placement matters. The idea is to have them installed in places that attract the maximum number of potential buyers in a day, such as on a busy street or near a shopping or business district.

5.    Sponsorships:

Sponsorships are comparatively more costly than telemarketing or print advertisement. Also, they are less likely to generate a larger lead chunk as not everyone notices or wants to sit through 5-minutes of “thanks to our organizers” speech. But then again, they don’t completely fail to grab attention either. When sponsoring high-end events such as trade shows, your brand gets the exposure it needs and lands in many potential clients into your pocket who would wish to work with you in the near future.

6.    Sales and Discounts:

They still prove to be the best means to bring in more sales. This happens via referrals. Once a customer hears about or sees any discounts or sales offers displayed on your storefront, they tell all their friends and family members about it. Then, those friends and family members tell their acquaintances and friends, and so on and so forth.

How Successful Leads Will Generate?

Any marketing effort, either it uses traditional or digital means of marketing, can have a greater success rate if:

  1. The company or brand knows what kind of audience they need to attract. Even the best marketing message won’t reach its audience if it is not delivered via the right medium.
  1. Your brand has a USP. The only way you can generate leads is if you having something to offer that no one else does. Are you offering any free consultation every second visit, or are you giving out free samples or discounts that would bring customers rushing through the door?

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