Alternate Education Careers: Getting Involved With Children Without Being a School Teacher

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Getting your foot into the educational industry is a valiant move. Very few services provide for children and they can be a lucrative market assuming you’re located in the right spot. Parents are willing to pay a lot of money for premium services such as top-notch schools and incredibly supportive child care services because they want the best for their children.

It’s understandable that parents want to nurture their children in the best way possible, so there’s a good reason for some of the outrageous costs for services like child care and tutoring. However, that’s good for business owners because it’s a niche that can be targeted for big profits. It’s easy to get started because governments are very willing to support new educational institutes, and you could be exempt from certain taxes or receive funding to help your new business venture.


It’s extremely important that you train your staff members in handling children. They’re very different from adults, and much of your business plan needs to revolve around the well-being of children instead of adults like you might normally be used to. You’ll need nerves of steel to deal with overbearing parents, and you’ll be subject to regular inspections from educational professionals. If you’re still willing to dive into this industry, then read on to find some of the best ways to get started.

Child Care

Many parents are busy people that simply don’t have time to look after their children while they’re still at work. Because of this, it’s a good idea to start up your own child care service. There are a lot of licensing issues and you’ll need to gauge how popular the service could be in your area—it’s ideal if your child care building is close to a school.

A service like can cut out most of the work involved since you can just purchase an existing child care service to start with. It’s a good idea to hire professionals that are experienced in dealing with children to advise you on how much to charge for your services, what services to offer and the qualities you need to look out for when recruiting employees to help manage your child care service.



After-school tutoring services are an excellent way to start small when it comes to the educational industry. You could offer almost any tutoring service as long as it aligns with the interest of parents. For example, if you have a great track record with playing a popular instrument like the guitar or flute, then you can advertise private lessons online or in local newspapers and educational publications. As you build up a good reputation, you can convert into a small business by renting a space in a local community club to take on more students and bring in more profits.

Educational centre

This would be the eventual evolution of a tutoring service. Instead of just offering one-to-one tutoring and training, many parents like to take their children to additional educational institutes to learn specific skills, get ahead in regular schooling or even just to bolster their educational knowledge. This might feel similar to being a school teacher, but you’ll generally be more interactive with the children and you can teach them niche skills they won’t learn in schools, such as specific sports or specific computer knowledge, and art classes.

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