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Your employees spent pretty much each and every working day in your company’s office. So there is no wonder just what an effect the whole of your office will have on them and their motivation. Get everything spot on, and they will enjoy being at work and will be able to get on with their whole to-do list without any slumps in motivation. However, get it wrong and your office could feel very sterile and far from the modern working environment that you had once imagined! So how do you make sure that your office is the best possible one for your employees? Simply follow these tips to help you get it right!

Location! Location! Location!

Location is everything when it comes to an office. This is something that you need to take into consideration from the very start of your company. When you are looking for offices for sale, you need to carefully consider each individual location. Are you sure that it is right for you and all your staff? Having a central location will help increase the convenience of your office. If your staff have a short commute, then they won’t be quite so tired when they get to work. Their whole day will be shorter which will do wonders for their morale.



CoSydney Coworking +Enterprise Accelerator – Board Room

Bright Interiors

Another way to boost your employees’ morale is to add a bright and airy interior design to your office. You should also encourage them to bring in photos and small trinkets from home so that they can add a personal touch to their office area. The colours and shades you use in your decor will make a big difference as well. Go for light shades that will make the office feel very bright and spacious. Don’t go for dark shades as they could end up feeling oppressive and a bit overwhelming.

Bring In Plants

Plants are a great addition to any office. They will help to keep the air in the office very clean and fresh. And clean air is great for improving concentration. Not only that, though, but they will also add some great colour to your office. Everyone loves plants, and having a nice selection will help to really cheer up your staff when they’re having a bad day!


CoSydney Coworking +Enterprise Accelerator – Meeting space 


Add An Inspiration Board

All offices need an inspiration board. This is a whiteboard or pin board where offices can add pictures of images that inspire them. They can also add on inspirational slogans and sayings as well if they want to. It’s a good idea to give each team their own inspiration board if you are a particularly big company. That way, they can focus it on their own needs and aspirations. They can add loads of different images and sayings to help them visualise what success is. And then they will be able to go after it and achieve their best yet!

Once you sort out your office, you will find that your employees are even more pumped and ready for work!

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