Packing & Shipping: The Keys To Success For Your Art Business?

If you are selling artwork online, a lot of your focus in the initial stages will be on building your website finding customers and schmoozing at networking events. And rightly so – they are all critical to the success of your art business.

The trouble is, when you are finally rewarded with your first ever order, you might not know how to deal with it. You wrap it up tight, bring it down to your local post office and spend a fortune getting it delivered, which instantly eats into your profits.

As you can see, packing and shipping are vital to get right, from your first order to your last. Not only can it affect your profit margins and increase your cost of sale, but poorly packed works are going to end up damaged – meaning unhappy customers at the other end of the chain. With this in mind, we thought we would take a look at some ideas on how you can ace your packing and shipping right from the off. Let’s take a closer look.

Use the right materials

It’s worth buying in bulk when it comes to packing materials – it’s cheaper in the long run, and it will help you avoid running out at a vital time. However, make sure you choose the right materials. Something like a bubble wrap bought from Hipac might suit your needs if you are selling large, delicate pieces of art. But you should also consider your branding when choosing packing materials. For instance, if you are creating luxury jewellery, it’s unlikely that your customers are going to appreciate it if it comes thrown in a Jiffy Bag. Instead, it might be worth investing on luxury packaging to match your luxury products.

Find the right delivery firm

It doesn’t matter how well you pack your fragile artwork if it ends up with the wrong delivery company, it’s going to get broken. And despite the fact that you might be able to claim for damages, it’s still heartbreaking to see your work destroyed, and it will also result in an incredibly dissatisfied customer. So, ensure you are checking the reputation of any delivery company you intend to use for shipping your valuable work. Choosing the right firm from the outset will help you establish an excellent reputation – and cost you less in refunds in the long-term.

Be wary of costs

As we mentioned before, the more you have to pay for delivery, the more you will have to charge your customers. While it might not seem like a problem to new business owners, we can assure you it is. Many customers will abandon their carts when they find out that delivery charges are high, and you will lose a lot of custom. So, while a first class delivery company is essential, be careful about choosing the right services. For example, is it absolutely necessary that you promise people next day delivery? If your customers aren’t demanding it, there is no need to pay for that shipping – or forcing it on your clients.

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