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Business owners often, mistakenly, believe that they know everything there is about online marketing. In reality, of course, they know very little. Their knowledge often extends only to the idea that SEO is something to do with keywords and links. Oh, and a website needs to have lots of content to rank effectively. Any marketer will tell you that this level of info is not enough to be successful online or take your business to the top of the market. So, perhaps it’s time for us to answer a few questions you never knew you had about online marketing?

What On Earth Is AdWords

AdWords is Google’s form of PPC marketing. You can use PPC marketing to generate clicks for your site, and it doesn’t have to be a stunning website for this to work. However, you may want to focus on the design all the same because while clicks are guaranteed, buys are not. So, you could spend a fortune on PPC, only to find that no one is buying your product. To get marketing through PPC, you make bids on keywords and phrases that companies might be searching. You can decide how much you’re willing to bid for a particular key phrase. It’s often best to target key phrases that are less popular but just as useful for attracting customers.

It’s also worth pointing out that you can play around with Google Shopping and set that up as an AdWords campaign as well. This can allow you to sell your products through an online store, using PPC. Is PPC more effective than SEO? Well, not necessarily but it’s still useful. Just over 30 percent of customers click on these ads before they head for the organic SERPs.

Why Won’t My Customers Buy?

It could happen for various reasons. There’s a process called A-B testing. When you use this process, you’ll be running two versions of your website at the same time. Half your customers will see one version, and half will see another. One of the versions will have a tiny detail changed, but you’ll be amazed by how much it might effective your conversion rate. Changing a single picture on your site could result in more purchases. The effects of these types of design changes might even be subconscious. Customers often have no idea this is what’s stopping them from buying. If you click here, you can find out more about web design, how to tighten up your website and make it more attractive for your customers. Of course, that’s just half of the story. You need to make sure it ranks as well.

Wait SEO Isn’t Just Keywords And Links?

These days, SEO is more about link building and despite it’s name it may have nothing to do with adding links to your site. Link building is about forming connections with different customers, websites and even businesses online to generate higher levels of leads for your company. This could be through guest posts, infographics, and shared content. Anything like this could help boost the number of leads for your business.

We hope this answers some of the online marketing questions you never knew you had.

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