What’s the most important thing about your business? It’s always subjective, but the general consensus would be that it is your customers, they are the bread and butter of your company, and without them, you will be dead in the water. Your customers, in the modern way we now do business, are more important than anything else, as we spend more time building walls between us and the customer, we are doing this by operating online rather than in person. This is another reason for our customers to leave us and go with someone else that has that more personal touch. So you need to have immediate access to your customers, as it’s a great way to constantly learn and grow. So what are the best methods of access to your customers right now?

Live Chat

The whole idea of speaking to customers during their shopping experience is a great way to build that bridge when you are an exclusively online company. The one great thing about live chat is that you can extend the olive branch very easily, and it’s entirely their choice whether to respond and use your help. The onus is very much on the customer to make the most of your services, or not. It’s also much cheaper than a standard call center, which has to be staffed to the brim. The other important aspect is that you have direct access to their pain points. If they are unhappy, they can tell you straight away.

Social Media

Many businesses are able to man their social media accounts on a near consistent basis. As a result, this is a much better alternative to an email, if a customer sends an email complaining about something, they don’t want to wait more than 24 hours for a reply. In this respect, social media works straight away. Social media also works as a fantastic sales platform. If you look at the King Kong digital agency review, this was part of this digital agencies model, using social media in the form of Facebook ads. The other great thing about social media in this respect is a more personal brand experience and plenty of opportunities to encourage more people to come back to your brand.

In Person

Sometimes the old ones are the best. The company working with the customer in person, in other words, customer service, is probably the most visceral and immediate form of communicating with your customers. This is for the obvious reason that they are there, right in front of you. The human element is apparent, which, when you compare it to the other two processors, they have nothing on this. Human interaction is arguably the biggest gamble to get a customer to buy your product. This is because you have to be open and honest, and not resort to certain marketing tricks.

These are the three most common approaches to accessing your customers, but they are also the most important. Immediate access to your customers is what will help your business heal and grow. It’s vital that you make the most of these channels, as your customers will be the reason your business succeeds further down the line.

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