Creative businesses of all kinds – just like any other type of business – are becoming increasingly reliant on technology and devices these days. But given the vast array of gadgets for the creative professional that are currently on the market, it can be a little bewildering to make the right choices for your company.

It’s easy to say that the top-of-the-range devices are a must-have, but let’s face facts; creative firms – especially those that are just starting out – are incredibly restricted by their lack of money. There’s a delicate balance to strike between usability and affordability, so before you start spending on new gadgets for your business, take a look at some of these ideas!


AlphaSmart Keyboard

Whether you are a writer or need to create blog posts for your website, using a computer can be very distracting. Emails, social media notifications, and even updates and power failures can all eat up a lot of your valuable time. The solution? Why not try this AlphaSmart keyboard with an integrated LCD display. It’s everything you need to write, without any of the extra fluff. It’s cheap, too – expect to pick one up for around $250 – and will run off batteries for up to fifty days. It’s great for writing on the move, too, so perhaps something you could offer your commuting employees instead of an expensive laptop or tablet.

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Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Portability is a big issue for creatives – you don’t want to be lugging around a powerful laptop or desktop everywhere you go. There is a solution that gives you all the power you need, whether you are in the office or on a commute, however. Microsoft’s Surface Pro series didn’t get off to a fantastic start, but now it’s in its fourth iteration there is a lot to enjoy. A hi-res screen, super slim design, and Intel’s super powerful Skylake processor which is capable of running all your favourite graphics software are all on board. It’s not cheap, but it is super adaptable and a gift for any creative business.


iPhone X

Apple’s latest incarnation if their smartphone was released recently with a huge fanfare. But how does the iPhone X for business in the creative fields stack up? The truth is, rather well. It’s an expensive piece of kit, of course, but the all-glass device gives you a lot more real estate for creative working, and there is a vast range of business-specific solutions on board, too, meaning you can run everything from your phone. There’s AR technology on board as well, so if that is an area where your creative business sees potential, it’s worth jumping on board.

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One of the best gadgets on the market for creative businesses is also one of the cheapest. If you are using touchscreen devices for graphic design or illustration, you’ll benefit a lot from the simple, $20 purchase of the Estylo wooden stylus. Not only will it help you use your touchscreen device as drawing paper, but it also magnetically attaches to your device, meaning you won’t lose it!

Any great devices for creative businesses that you know of?

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