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Within the workplace, it can be tricky to harness the acumen, experience, and enthusiasm of your staff team to foster the most productive working environment possible. As a boss, you need to be firm, fair and communicative with your employees. However, by simply having the brightest minds within your company, you cannot be assured of business success. You need a cohesive team, a shared corporate vision and a strong team morale. Take a look at these three ways to maximise your business success through fostering an environment of productivity.

Let’s Talk

There’s nothing more soul destroying for an employee than feeling left out of the loop. While your staff team will not be expecting to hear the minutiae detail of every financial forecast for the next three years, they do want to know the goals of the company they are working for. They want to feel like they are making an impact and they want to be recognised for their efforts.

By developing a shared vision and allowing your employees to have some buy-in and input into this, you are harnessing their enthusiasm and passion from the get-go. By communicating successes, even via a weekly newsletter style email, you are keeping lines of communication open. Allow your employees to raise concerns, make suggestions and be a critical friend. Fostering an atmosphere where ideas can be vocalised ensures the finest strategies are constantly implemented.

Be Organised

Your employees need to feel valued. Without this simple facet of your hr services, you will struggle to maintain a strong relationship with your team. You need to be organised with sound policies, procedures, and documentation to guide the structure of your business. Your staff team needs to be aware of this and be clued up as to where to go should they have an issue or problem within their working life. Providing help where needed, guidance where required and rewards where appropriate you will be able to foster a workplace of high morale and happy employees. If you find it tricky to organise your human resources in house, you could always look into outsourcing to ensure your hr fundamentals are suitable for your business.

Get Away From It All

From 9 til 5 every day your staff team will be working hard towards your shared business vision goals. As an employer, you need to show an appreciation for their efforts. Even though you may be a startup and you cannot afford the yearly bonuses of larger blue chip organisations, you can still demonstrate how much you value your staff. Organise a subsidised away day and head out of the office for a little while. You might want to partake in a jaunt to the countryside and get to know your team on a more personal level or a monthly evening out could be a great way of relinquishing the stresses of the office and allowing your team to let off steam.

Being an employer and trying to foster an environment of productivity is tough. However, by following these three simple strategies, you can maximise the happiness, morale, and impact of your staff team.

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