The amount of work you get done in an office space relies heavily on your surroundings. If you’re constantly distracted by something, it may be difficult to focus on your work. The design of your office, whether in a commercial building or at home, can have a significant impact on your productivity. So, what can you do to ensure your office encourages your best work?

Ergonomic seating

Having an uncomfortable office chair will do more than disrupt your work. You may find that you spend a lot of time fidgeting, trying to find a comfortable position. You’ll also likely suffer from back pain which will ruin your time away from work too. Finding a chair that properly supports you and is comfortable to work from for long periods of time will be of huge benefit to you. So, don’t cheap out on your office chair and always try before you buy.


The lighting in an office is more important than one might think. Lights that are too bright can cause migraines and lights that are too dim can cause squinting and eye problems. Any kind of bad lighting can cause fatigue and even depression. If you’re sat next to a window, you may find that the sun reflects off your computer screen, making it difficult to view what you need to. Try changing the bulbs in your light fixtures and price up the cost of plantation shutters to keep the sun out.

Storage, storage, storage

It’s so important to have adequate storage in an office space. Without it, you end up with tons of clutter lying around which makes it difficult to work. You know what they say – a cluttered room leads to a cluttered mind. Having everything in its place can go a long way to encouraging organisation in all aspects of your work. Invest in a few storage cupboards and make sure you’re saving documents in the Cloud, instead of having paper copies lying around.

Room colour

Did you know that the colour of your office can have an effect on your mood? Some colours inspire action and productivity, while others can almost send you to sleep. If you haven’t got a choice about the room colour because you’re working in a commercial building, why not hang a few of your favourite pictures or quotes to hide the wall colour? Decorating your office space with things that motivate you will help you to be productive.



If you’ve ever worked in a cold office, you’ll understand why this is so important. It’s very difficult to work when your body temperature is too hot or too cold. If you can’t easily adjust the temperature, wear extra layers and use hand warmers when its cold or use a desk side fan when its too hot. If you’re at home, you should easily be able to control the temperature in your office, but you’ll also benefit from hot or cold drinks throughout the day.

If you put a lot of thought into the design of your office, it should serve you well.

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