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The kitchen is one of the rooms in our houses that we love the most. It’s the place we find all of the good food in the house, where we can get a glass of water after a workout, and it’s the place where we can sit down with friends, cook together, and then enjoy a nice meal altogether. It’s something a lot of us look forward to when we move into our own place, but is your kitchen as healthy as it could be?

We all know that breakfast is most important in the ranking of the meals you can eat in a day, but is your meal making up to scratch itself? Of course we’re not demanding you remove all traces of saturated/unsaturated fats, but there’s a good chance you could improve on your eating habits by packing out your kitchen with the couple of choices below. Building a healthy kitchen is going to constantly be a work in progress, so take your time!

Make Fruit More Available (and convenient!)

When there’s a bowl of fruit on the counter, or on the side table near the door, people are going to be more likely to grab something from that bowl than go digging around for a packet of crisps or a chocolate bar. So when you’re deciding on how your interior design should go, make sure you take this decision into account.

When fruit is convenient to grab like this, both you and anyone else in your household is going to grab it, simple as! So put this into practice right now by digging a bowl out of your cupboard and load it up with some apples and bananas. Soon you’re going to find yourself needing to shop at fruit and veg wholesale, and that’s always a good sign for the modern diet!

Keep Healthy Recipes to Hand

And by that we mean not shoved to the back of the nearest drawer with Grandma’s cookbook and all your other recipe sheets! When you discover a dish you really like, and you know it’s got some nutrient packed ingredients in it, make sure you have a notepad to hand and write down or print off the recipe and then stick it on your fridge. Stick it on your cupboards if you have to, just always make sure it’s in view and therefore on your mind to make.

Have Some Spices Around

People often don’t like to eat healthy foods because of how little taste there might be to them. Green peppers, a bit of Kale, some asparagus etc. But if you’ve got some spices on hand to really add some flavor to your dishes, you’re more likely to mix these healthy foods into your dinner! You can find a list of the best spices to keep in your cupboard here.

Packing out a healthy kitchen doesn’t have to be as hard as you think! Put these habits into practice and feel your household energy go up and up!

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