Eco Friendly Gardening Tips


If you are looking to start planning your garden for the next year now that spring is here, there are likely a few different things you are thinking about changing and improving for the year ahead. If you fancy becoming a little more eco friendly next year, here are some quick tips and tricks you can bring into the garden with you in spring.

Use rainwater

Why pay for water when you can collect it from the sky? There is no need to spend a huge amount on your water bill just to keep the garden looking alive next summer, all you need to do is get yourself an underground water tank which will collect rainwater for you and then can be used in the garden to keep your plants looking fresh and happy for the whole season.

Feed the soil

To make sure you never waste anything in your kitchen or your garden next year, it is important to get yourself a compost bin which will allow food waste and garden waste to rot down into compost which can be used in your plant beds later in the year. The bonus of having a compost bin is the fact that you can place important documents in there which you don’t want to be seen and they will decompose with everything else! You’ll save recycling and you’ll save money on compost for the garden.

Grow your food scraps

Growing food is one of the best ways you can be more eco friendly in your life in general, and there is a really easy way to be eco friendly without having to spend a penny on seeds at the store. The next time you buy fresh produce, don’t throw away the scraps right away. Lettuce hearts can be soaked in water for a few days to resprout and be planted outdoors, herb stems can do the same, and you can soak an avocado seed in water to grow a new one too. Take a look online at how to regrow food scraps and you’ll be surprised at how much you can reuse.

Feed the wildlife

Feeding nature is a huge part of being eco friendly because you are supporting the eco system and allowing our planet to thrive and stay happy for longer. The next time you have stale bread or crisps in the house, don’t throw them in the bin: crush them up and place them outside in the garden and animals will come and eat them. You can do the same with apple cores and other things to make sure that the animals in your garden stay healthy.

Let it be wild

Let the grass grow a little longer, the bushes grow thicker and the trees spread their leaves on the ground. Your garden is meant to be an eco system in itself and it will look after itself if you let it. The leaves will rot and feed the grass, birds and other creatures will feed on your grass and the cycle will continue. You can of course keep things tidy, but don’t worry too much about maintaining it.

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