Managing Construction Mishaps: Operation No Delay

Construction delays lie with project managers

Delays and builders go in pairs in the construction world. Any project and site manager is used to deal with setbacks and to explain to clients the domino effect that has derailed the project. While the construction sector has a bad reputation regarding tardiness, it’s important to note that most delays are out of the hands of builders. With the most common reason for late completion being bad weather – you can’t expect builders to be effective and productive on a site when it’s pouring down with rain, for instance –, most residential and commercial projects need to include the risks of unexpected postponing in their schedule. It’s essential for everybody involved – including clients – to understand that elements such as the weather, late delivery, or even lack of compliance to the relevant legislation – aka if the architect’s or client’s plans fail to respect specific regulations – can hinder the progression of the site. Nevertheless, construction professionals can help to reduce the rescheduling risks at their levels too.

Logistics and planning can avoid many bad surprises

The person in charge of the site needs to manage the logistics requirements. On commercial sites, this task falls on the site manager, who ensures that the delivery of raw materials is perfectly timed with the needs on site and the storage facilities for the projects, the tasks are effectively divided between builders, and the risks of weather disaster and security issues are tackled adequately. On residential sites, however, this role can go to the client – who prefers to save money by refusing the support of experts. When this happens, delays and bad surprises are unavoidable; as most clients are not trained to manage a project with expertise. For residential projects, therefore, it would be helpful to make the clients aware of the risks and coordination requirements to look out to reduce delays.

Don’t let your machinery stop you

Building equipment can go bust at any time. If the digging or building conditions are less than ideal, the machinery can go under unexpectedly high pressure and break. You can, however, take precautions, to ensure your equipment stays safe and performing throughout the project. First of all, dust particles need to be removed before they infiltrate the engine, using a water truck hire company to clear those on chalky and friable environments. Additionally, preliminary research should establish the building requirements for machinery-focused tasks. Is the soil hard or soft to dig? Are you working with thick stone walls? Etc. These questions need to be answered at the start of the project.

Managing expectations from the start

Building companies have an advantage over their clients. They understand where most delays can come from. As a result, it should be their responsibility to help their clients to understand their complex schedule. For residential projects, the client tends to define the agenda and leave it to the builders. It’s best to go back to your client early in the project to discuss postponing tasks and delays instead of leaving it unsaid.

There is no denying that delays can happen in the building sector. But, more often than not, constructors are in a position to influence the planning and scheduling on site and avoid logistics, security, machinery, and poor timing issues. The first step of timely construction projects starts with making your clients aware of risks.

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