Your environment has a huge impact on your work output.

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Spending all of your daylight hours – and occasionally some of your nighttime ones – in the workplace, it’s little wonder that it’s an environment which has an enormous impact on our wellbeing. Often we don’t stop to consider the impact that design has on our physical and mental health, but everything from your posture to your mental health and focus are influenced by your immediate surroundings. Studies have been conducted into workplace productivity which have conclusively shown that our physical environment is the single most significant factor in determining our ability to focus at work. So whether you’re setting up an office to work from home on a startup or you work in a company building, there are a few things you can do to your immediate environment to help. Remember that small adjustments can have a big impact. And give these tips a try…

Take A Seat

Comfortable, supportive seating is a huge factor in how much you can improve productivity at work. Constantly shifting around because we aren’t comfortable causes micro-interruptions that can ruin our focus and result in poor quality work. An ergonomically adjusted chair and desk set up makes an incredible difference. Some quick checks on positioning may help. You can also try chairmats if there is too much movement or equally rises for your laptop or computer monitor to ensure it’s in. alignment with your seated position. Your feet should be flat on the floor and the top of your screen at eye level or slightly below.

On The Bright Side

Lighting must be the most neglected aspect of most offices, and yet it can cause a huge amount of problems. Bad lighting can cause strain to your eyes, headaches, low mood and tiredness. It’s always best to try and position your desk close to a window so that you can benefit from natural light. A portable daylight desk lamp is also a brilliant idea, as it can move around with you and help if you are in a situation where changing the main lighting scheme is not possible.

Keep It Clean

Clutter may seem like a minor detail, but actually, having an organised and mess-free work space is hugely important and also one of the easiest factors to control. If you struggle to keep it tidy, get into the habit of setting a calendar reminder for ten minutes before the end of your working day to file away papers, reorganise your desk, and leave any equipment ready for the next morning. Office storage solutions have improved a lot recently to be both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. For a home office, storage cubes with integrated boxes can hide a multitude of sins, while some pretty box files can help any desk to look more streamlined. You could also consider using a little aromatherapy hack if you’re struggling to focus, as scents can powerfully affect our mood. An electric aromatherapy diffuser can dispense scents like mood lifting peppermint, or cinnamon which improves focus, or energising bergamot. If you share a space and can’t plug one in, a few drops of the right essential oil on a tissue that you can pull out and inhale works a treat.


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