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When you have a love of colour and an artistic eye, people will call you a creative person. It’s that flair of seeing the colours in something plain, in seeing the potential of a space ready to be let out and even being able to visualise what a building will look like when it’s merely blueprints. Expressing yourself creatively and making things look good is what you love to do, but you may not know that there is a whole market of careers that can allow you to embrace that creativity and earn a decent salary at the same time.

Creative people need jobs that don’t make them feel hemmed in and stuck in their environment. They need a fluidity to their tasks, with the scope to be able to push their creative boundaries and fully immerse themselves in something beautiful. You could be looking at marketing opportunities (the chance to be creative for a brand) or surveyor job opportunities (the chance to be creative in the technical side of land surveying) – either way, you’ll find something that suits you. Creative roles aren’t always in your face and bold; the quiet creativity that comes with surveying and architecture is something else entirely. Finding the right career that’ll allow you to wet your creative whistle while earning enough to pay the bills is vital to feeling happy in the future, so here are four careers you could really be suited to!

Graphic Designer. A perfect blend of the bold creativity you could enjoy with the technical side of it all, graphic designers are some of the most in-demand professionals around. These are professionals who create designs for marketing purposes and this can include the use of technology. It takes the perfect combination of technical skill and artistic ability to communicate with an audience, and graphic designers have the skill to do it.

Photographer. The whole world is a canvas when you’re a photographer. Using creativity with composition to bring to life the world in print, photographers range from freelance and working for magazines to those who work with digital editing software for commercial imagery. It’s a role that takes a good eye.

Art Director. These guys work in a range of settings, from newspapers and advertising to public relations agencies and magazines. They communicate with clients while overseeing budgets and timelines and dealing with people management and there are technical design skills in demand here as well as needing an eye for detail.

Architect. This is more of a technical career, but in the same way that surveyors look after the land and boundaries of a building, architects work closely with designers and surveyors to bring a building from a plan to a reality. As such, architects need to have a good vision to meet the needs required of them to raise a building from start to finish.

Of course, there are many more creative careers than these, but these careers are perfect for those who want an idea of where their creative flair could take them.

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