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There is more to a successful website than good looks and usability, It has to be easy to navigate, work well and bring in the sales you are after. If your website fails in these areas, then your businesses could be losing out. Perhaps the time has come to get your website updated, and here are some of the signs that will show that.

The Site Should be Mobile Friendly

For many years, businesses had a website for PC’s and a separate one for mobiles. However, it was realised that consumers do not like this. They want to be able to see exactly the same whether the screen they are viewing on screen that is 5 inches or 50 inches.

It is estimated that 80% of Internet use is on smartphones, and a large proportion of users shop with them too. They will only do this on a website that is responsive to all devices, so even if they look on their PC when they are at home they will see the same thing. This comes down to a matter of trust. It seems consumers do not trust websites that are different for varying devices.

It Does Not Look Good

Your website could be the first impression potential customers get of your brand. It is vital that it is appealing to the eye, and has interesting and useful content. There should be a page about the business, a contact page and any pages needed for your products. Having a blog can be useful too as you can use these to explain more about the products and how they work.

There is no doubt that good website design grows your business, and every business should make sure that their website is doing the job it should. A bad design can turn people off looking any further than the homepage, and that will lose you sales quicker than you might realise.

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Slow to Load

So many websites load almost instantly that if yours is slow the viewers will think it is outdated, and will not have the patience to hang around. They will soon move onto a competitor who site is a better speed.  Research has shown that consumers expect a website to load in 2 seconds, and that if it has not loaded by 3 seconds they will go elsewhere. You need to meet their expectations.

Your website could have slowed down for several different reasons, including too many resources, too many plugins, too many redirects, compression isn’t enabled, slower server response time and there are many other causes.

If this is happening with your site, it really is time to get it updated.

It Will Pay Off

Investing some cash into your website and getting it updated will have benefits that you will start to see very soon after it has been done. When it is responsive to all devices, looks good and loads quickly consumers are more likely to stay and view your products, and more of them will turn into paying customers just because you have a better website.


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