The modern business has a multitude of plates to spin. We’re all after one simple thing: a profitable business, but this can be difficult to achieve, especially during the first 12 months. You could argue that it’s nigh on impossible to achieve a profit within the first 12 months. But what you need to focus on isn’t about the financial profit, but rather, the moral profit. In essence, this is about finding your feet, as well as the best components that will make your business improve. You could argue that it’s all about the business plan, or the financial forecasting, and all these are essential. But at the very beginning, when your business is running day-to-day, you’ve got to find what your weaknesses are. These weaknesses need to be outsourced. So let’s provide you with the essential areas to outsource during the first 12 months.

Computer Services

Cybersecurity and technology have become such an integral part of any business, while it continues to evolve from strength to strength, this means there are those looking to undermine the security of any company. Cyber hackers are commonplace now, and it’s not just the larger industries that are targeted, but it’s the smaller ones as well. As such, you need to work with an IT consulting company that understands your needs. There are plenty out there, and is one of many. You could always get an in-house team, but this can be very expensive. Outsourcing is all about saving money, as well as time. You need the right people, right now.

Creative Components

At the very beginning, your goal is to build the business up, and the creative aspects, as fun as they may be, could very well zap you of your energy needed to run the company. As such, you need to find the right people that can provide those catchy headlines, or give your marketing that extra edge in terms of the copy or the designs. It’s not difficult to find the right creative freelancers, there are plenty of sites that you can get copywriters or web designers from, shows you how many sorts of roles are put on these marketplaces. Your creative energies need to go into the business right now.


As you are looking for the appropriate workforce, it can be very difficult to find the right people. Instead, outsourcing this to a recruitment agency, where you can tell them exactly what you want in terms of their qualifications, attitude, and candor means they can do all the hard work for you. After all, you’re not looking exclusively for the right person that has the skills, you need them to be a good fit with the culture of the business. This means that when you find the right person, it can feel like you have struck gold. Recruiting for the right person is something you’d like to do yourself, but in the meantime, leave this to the professionals, giving you the opportunity to run your business, chasing all the relevant leads. When your business is up and running, you can devote time to finding the right people.

The first 12 months is critical; outsource the essentials!

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