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Your home is the most expensive things you’ll probably ever buy, but it’s worth so much more than money. It contains your family, your pets, your sentimental belongings and so much more- things which are completely irreplaceable. When you run a business from home, you have another thing that’s imperative to keep safe, and as a small, home based company owner you might be wondering exactly what you need to do to protect your venture. Here are some ideas. 

Protect it against criminals

A homeowner and well a home-based business owner, your first task is to secure your premises and keep the bad guys out. Any home can be targeted by burglars, but if any criminals find out about your business it might make you an even more attractive target so do what you can. A professionally fitted burglar alarm, good quality doors and windows and a sturdy internal door fitted on your home office as a second barrier against criminals are all ideas. There are smart CCTV systems these days that are really affordable and effective, and you can view cameras inside and outside of your home right from your phone. That way if you’re away from home, you can keep tabs on your property, monitor any movement and call the police quickly if you spot anyone lurking around where they shouldn’t be. Speak to an insurance broker and make sure your home is covered for acts of crime and be sure to notify them that your business is also at home as this may change the policy you need. 

Protect it against fire and flood

Fire damage can completely obliterate buildings and everything in them. There are lots of preventative measures you can take which will hopefully mean that never happens. For example, having your electrics checked annually and replacing old electrical appliances will prevent electrical fires. A properly installed fire alarm is really important, and you should have fire extinguishers placed in the correct places around the home. Flooding can also cause significant problems, and so this is something to be aware of when you’re thinking about your home and your home business. Have a plumber come in and insulate your pipes, this can prevent them from splitting over the colder months due to constant expanding and contracting. Check your roof for leaks too as this can cause things like ceiling collapse, mould issues and other problems.  

Protect it online

As a small business owner, cyber security can feel daunting. Having the right online security systems in place will help you to save time, money and even your business’ reputation. Things like stolen customer data leading to fraud can be challenging to overcome. Use strong passwords on computers, many of us follow patterns or use specific words and combinations that cyber criminals will know to try. Start utilising cloud based data storage too, these systems are encrypted for safety, and means that instead of being stored on a hard drive that you own your information is stored online. That way, all of your important and sensitive data is stored in the cloud, if anyone does manage to steal your device, then they’re not taking your information with it. 

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