4 Smart Tactics For Maximising Revenue In Your Creative Business

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Don’t want to be a starving artist? Well, the good news is that the market has never been so well set up to help you make money from your creative pursuits. However, to be successful in this area, its not just the artistic talent you need. In fact, you will require some serious business insight as well. Fortunately, you can find some helpful advice on this in this post below. Read on to find out more. 

Offer multiple sales platforms. 

While it’s great to have a single online website or store, if you are looking to maximise revenue, using several platforms is the best approach. In fact, for most creative business owners this means having a website, selling in real-life situations such as craft or art fairs, as well as online in stores such as Etsy, Amazon, eBay or other artisan based sites such as 

Although it is worth noting that the boost you will get in visibility and marketing from such sites does not come for free. In fact, there are strict rules to be adhered to, especially on the craft only based sites. You can expect a hefty commission to be removed for your overall sale cost as well. 

Of course, when planning to sell across a range of platforms, you will also need to make sure that you can provide customers with convenient payment options. What this means is opting for mobile point of sales payment processing, or even an integrated approach. Something that this company and others like them can offer to your business. Often at a much lower cost than you would expect. 

Create content that will feed your sales funnel.

Additionally, if you are looking to maximise your revenue, you cannot just expect your products to be found and to sell. In fact, you have to be proactive about bringing the right target demographic to your sales platforms. 

One, effective way of doing this is to create content around the topic of your products or skills. In fact, you will find many artists doing this on Youtube already. Something that means when they do post a piece for sale, they already have a group of interested people and in a prime position to buy. In that way, you can funnel possible customers to your products. 

Consider options other than the traditional merchant route. 

Also, if maximising revenue is your aim, then there is one last option you can try. It is to use alternative methods other than the traditional sell one product for-profit model. 

In fact, there is a range of these that are now available. With the Patreon subscription method exemplifying this approach. That is, followers or patrons, pay a monthly fee for exclusive access to the creative content you produce. A strategy that can provide you with a steady stream of income even from a business that primarily relies on creative works for profit. Something that means you absolutely do not have to be a starving artist, if you want to take the leap and start selling your work full time. 

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