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Before the COVID-19 pandemic, around a third of college students are taking at least one online course. But with social distancing and online education becoming a new normal, that number is expected to balloon as more parents and students are beginning to see the safety and convenience advantages of online learning.

For those new to the idea of online learning programs, they may not understand how far online education can take their academic career. So, for adults who are interested in earning a diploma, here are the programs you can take conveniently online to receive yours.

Bachelor’s Degree

Did you know that you can earn your bachelor’s degree in the comfort of your own home? A third of college students around the world go on to earn their diploma through online colleges. That can help them find a job or become a stepping stone to higher education.

It is a good option for adults who do not have the time or financial means of going to a traditional four-year college. You don’t have to pay tuition as high as the cost of renting out Disneyland, and earning your bachelor’s degree online provides you with flexible schedules, the chance to earn your degree faster, and the convenience of learning whenever and wherever you want.

Short Online Courses

High school and college graduates may want a competitive edge in the job market but do not have the means or time to go to college or higher learning for many years. Thankfully, many online colleges offer short courses that provide you with a diploma and skills that give you a cutting edge over others who have the same educational attainment as you. Some of these include:

  • Finance and Accounting: Bookkeeping, Budgeting, and Accounting Foundations
  • Sales: Business Ethics and Creating a Business Plan
  • Education: Advance Grammar and English
  • Information Technology: Office Programs, Software Skills, and Network Security

Short online courses take less time to complete and are more affordable than other educational attainments. People juggling work and family obligations may find it more manageable to add a short online course to their schedule compared to other programs that take more time to complete.

Higher Education

For those who have already earned their college degrees and want to stand out from the competition, pursuing higher education is a good option. Only around a third of Filipinos graduated with college degrees, but that still equates to millions of college graduates in the job market, and having a higher degree may set you apart from the rest of those in the job market.

Online programs for post-graduate degrees can vary between online schools. Some offer MBAs, CPT, MIT for your graduate studies, while others can even offer DBA and DIT programs for you to pursue your doctorate program. Not only will this boost your career and financial prospects, but you can easily balance your schedule compared to taking post-graduate studies in a traditional setting.

Education can continue even for adults. There’s no need to struggle, juggling classes, work, and your family life when more flexible options such as these online programs provide affordability, flexibility, and convenience to its students.

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