We could all stand to treat our bodies a little better. We often choose the wrong diets, and give up our exercise routines. Staying fit and healthy is easier said than done, especially when you’ve got a busy life around you! The trouble is that it’s not just your body that suffers here, it’s your mind too. Body and mind are intricately connected and mutually entwined. Exercise and fitness actively releases feel-good endorphins and chemicals into your brain. That means you feel good in the mind, as well as the body. It’s this overall routine that creates a healthy, glowing mind and body.

In this post, we’ll show you some of the best ways to treat both at once. We’ll give your body the perfect workout. It will tighten and tone in all the right places. It’ll improve your fitness and stamina, and brighten your complexion. But, best of all, it will clear your mind, help you relax, and bust that stress! We truly believe that all the benefits of a healthy lifestyle are in the mind. Sticking to a healthy routine is the best way to a clear and happy mind. Not only that, but it will help make you sharper and brighter too. Sound good? Let’s get started.

Stay hydrated

Our number one rule is ensuring you drink enough water. Lots of water is the foundation of a good diet (which we’ll come to in more detail later). It keeps your skin looking and feeling fresh, and gives you the vital energy you need. Best of all, it keeps your mind sharp and focused. A huge percentage of the brain is water, so it’s up to you to keep it topped up. When we are dehydrated, our body and mind suffer the consequences. The experts recommend drinking at least eight glasses a day. We’ll bet that’s more than your current consumption, right? Try to increase your daily intake, and you’ll notice the difference immediately.

The right diet

Next on the list is staying on top of your diet and food consumption. We all know that certain foods are bad for the body. Namely, sugars, fats, and salts. But, did you know that an unhealthy diet also contributes to bad mood swings and poor brain function? Start by cutting out sugars in your diet. It’s one of the least natural foods we consume, and your body will instantly thank you! You’ll feel firmer, fitter, and healthier. Replace it with certain ‘brain-power’ super foods like nuts, spinach, and chia seeds. Find more ways to improve your diet here. You’ll notice a huge all-around improvement in body and mind.


Moving towards a healthier diet is a good start. But, you can go one step further, and take advantage of certain supplements and medicines. It’s all about taking a more holistic approach to your health. That means boosting the amount of natural supplements you take. That could be anything from probiotics to essential natural minerals. It’s especially important when you feel ill or unwell. Try a natural solution from a compounding pharmacy next time your body is feeling down. There is a proven link between the mind and body here, and it might prove to be a more natural option.


Now that we’ve got your diet and supplements sorted out, you’re in a much healthier place. You should have more energy, a brighter glow, and a clearer mind. Next, we’ll take things up a level with some light exercise. When it comes to body and mind, there’s nothing better than a yoga session. First of all, it stretches and loosens those important muscle groups. The subtle movements strengthen your core, and burn away fat too. But best of all, it helps clear the mind. It’s a practice based on stillness and incorporates aspects of meditation. All the while, you’re teasing the stress out of your back and shoulders. It’s the perfect exercise for body and mind.


As calming and meditative as yoga is, sometimes we need something with a bit more fire. Often, we finish work in a rage of stress and anger. When you’ve had a bad day, you need a way to let that stress out! Rather than letting it build up over time, choose an activity that lets you release that energy. Kickboxing is a fantastic way to do that. The sharp, fast movements are perfect for relieving stress. You can punch and kick your way to a clear, healthy mind. Trust us on this one, it really works.

Man running

Running or cycling

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by your to-do list? Or just feel lost with a big life decision? Some people find that running or cycling gives them the space to think and organise their thoughts. The cyclical motion of running and biking helps the mind zone out, and give you a little clarity. It’s a great way to escape the buzz, and give yourself some time to think. You’ll often finish the run with a clear mind and a strong sense of what’s next. Plus, it’s a great way to build fitness and muscle strength.


We’ll finish with a couple of low-energy options. If you’re in the older age groups, or just not a big fan of running, try gardening instead. You’ll be surprised at the fitness benefits of the green-fingered hobby. It’s proven to build fitness, and grow the strength in your muscles. In fact, an hour’s worth of gardening will burn up to 400 calories. That’s as much as a mid-length run! Not only that, but most gardeners will tell you that it’s a great stress-reliever. Again, it helps clear your mind, and get away from the stresses of everyday jobs.

Tai Chi

Last of all, try the low-energy workout of Tai Chi. This is an oriental art that is now practiced all over the world. It focuses on slow movements that strengthen the core, and improve the energy flow in the body. It’s low resistance, but focuses on clarity of the mind. It might be just what you need!

Good health is all about finding a balance between body and mind. Follow this advice, and you’ll boost your energy levels, look great, and feel fantastic!

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