In an ideal world, your business would be staffed solely by employees who do nothing but good for the company. They’d live and breathe your goals and values, and contribute everything they have to the company’s growth. Unfortunately, we don’t live in an ideal world! You may have a few employees who do more harm than good to the company. Here are a few employee types you need to weed out and eliminate at your business.

First of all, the “bare minimum” employees. These are workers who barely contribute to the business’s growth and the strength of its brand. Their job is just that – a job. They clock in and out at the required times, collect their pay cheque, and drag themselves through each working day doing the bare minimum. These people aren’t necessarily bad, many are just in the wrong line of work! A lot of them will be a little hostile or passive-aggressive to management. This comes from a deep, though hushed-up resentment for the company. At the worst, they’ll take a lot of liberties, and create worrying patterns in your employee attendance software.  If you keep these people on the payroll for long enough, they can totally destroy other employees’ morale. Be sure to identify and terminate these employees before they cause too much damage.

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Next, the wild cards. Typically, these people seem like great employees on the surface. They’re enthusiastic, can show great initiative, and offer helpful suggestions during big projects. They’re not all good though. In a lot of cases, they can give off an “I know best” attitude. They’ll be resistant to management, and terrible at coming to compromises when they’re working in a team. Many of them will shrug off established working trends at your business, even if they’re integral to productivity. Still, if you have some of these workers at your firm, don’t be too hasty to fire them! Wild cards have the potential to be turned into hugely beneficial employees.

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Finally, the Neanderthals. These are employees who simply refuse to move with the times, and are terribly resistant to change. The big, common trait of these guys is moaning about how things were better under the old management, and that they “used to do it like this”. These kinds of employees were usually great at one point. However, if they’re not compatible with the innovations you’re bringing in, they could be dead weight. Unfortunately, Neanderthals are usually found in the lower management of a company. There, they’re able to influence other employees and spread their harmful attitude. If they can’t get with the program, you may have to let these employees go. Try to look at it more of an opportunity than a hassle. If your company is evolving rapidly, bringing in some new blood could be incredibly beneficial.

It’s time to scour every level of your business, and weed out all three of these harmful employee types. After that, you’ll see an immediate, positive change in the performance of the rest of your workforce. Do some detective work, and see if it’s time to hit the ‘reset’ button!

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