Online shopping has provided us with convenience, endless choice and lower prices. It allows us to buy what we need from local, national and international retailers, without having to leave the house. But even with this transformation in how we shop, consumers still enjoy visiting physical retail stores. They enjoy being able to explore a store to discover new and exciting products that they can touch and see up close. If their experience is good, they will undoubtedly return and promote your business to their friends and family.

However, if your store’s exterior isn’t making a good impression, customers could just walk right past. They could then go directly to your competitors. So it’s vital that you boost it’s curb appeal to help your business stand out and appeal to your target market. So if you’re the owner of a retail store and want to improve its curb appeal, here is what you need to do.

Showcase your products outside

Another way to improve your store’s curb appeal is to showcase a selection of your products outside. This could be a rail of clothing or a table display of books or shoes for instance. You could do demonstrations or promote discounted items or free samples. This will not only draw the attention of your customers, but it will also give them some insight into what your business is all about. Get creative and have fun with your outdoor displays. Make sure they portray your personality and appeal to your target market. It’s important that you make them look organized and consider the layout carefully. This is creating a vital first impression, so if it looks messy, this will lead your customers to think your store is messy too. This won’t entice them to enter your store at all.

Dress up your doorway

One of the most functional elements within your store is it’s doorway. It provides access and security, but it can also help to make your store feel more welcoming. To begin with, remove all irrelevant signage or stickers from your door and give it a thorough clean. This is the ideal opportunity to replace and improve your signage too. Next, you can add a fresh lick of paint to the door in a more vibrant color. This will catch customers attention as they walk by. You can place door mats with your company logo in front of your doorway to create a professional and attractive look. Hanging baskets and beautiful lighting can also add to your store’s curb appeal. Try to have your door open as often as possible and this creates an inviting feel that customers will find hard to resist. target market


Create unique window displays

If your window displays are unlike anyone else’s, it will be easy to get customers to stop and take a look. Start by removing your current display completely. It’s always advantageous to start with a blank canvas, and it also makes it easier to change the layout. Your windows need to convey the ethos of your brand and what you sell. Find out what your best selling products of the week are and include some of them in your display. You should also create or buy suitable signage and decor that compliments your display. Another option you have is to theme your window displays. It could be by season, color, product or a current event. Try not to make the display look too cluttered or over the top. It shouldn’t take long for you to develop a unique window display design that has customers flocking to your store.

Tailor it to your customers

One of the most effective ways of boosting your curb appeal is by tailoring your store to your customers. For instance, if your target audience are parents with young kids, install ramps and wide doorways. This will make it easier for them to access your store. If you’re selling dog toys and accessories, add a water station outside your store for your customer’s dogs to use. It’s these finer details that will make their overall shopping experience feel more personal. It will also help them to learn more about your brand. So think carefully about what kind of people you are trying to appeal to and adjust your store’s exterior accordingly.

With these ideas to help you, there is no reason why your store’s exterior shouldn’t look it’s absolute best. Create a shopping experience that starts from the moment customers notice your store. Remember that to sell the products inside your store; you have to draw the right people in.

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