Getting Around Perth: Top Transport Options

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Perth is one of Australia’s most beloved cities, and it’s easy to see why. It’s beautiful surroundings of oceans, parks, and rivers, give it a relaxed vibe. But it’s also a hub of vibrancy with culture, commerce, and entertainment around every corner. Despite its isolation from the rest of Australia, it’s a friendly city that is just waiting to be discovered. There is so much to see and do, and the right transport could help you make the most of every second. So whether you’re here for a year or a week, you need to decide how you want to get around. To make your decision easier, take a look at the following transport options.

Getting Around Perth: Top Transport Option -BUS CAT

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By CAT Bus

If you want to travel within the city center for less, the city of Perth also have free CAT buses available. These CAT buses are a firm favorite with tourists and local alike and can transport to multiple locations. They are also color-coded, making it easier to determine which bus you need to get on. You can find CAT bus stops throughout Perth, and they tend to arrive every ten to fifteen minutes. This is extremely convenient, but keep in mind that they do get busy particularly on weekends. Look online to find out more about the color coding system to help you start planning your route.

By Car

If you enjoy choosing your route and being in control, traveling by road is the perfect option for you. Perth and it’s surrounding areas are well signposted and are easy to navigate. But there are some one-way systems and speed limits you might need to look out for. These can often be confusing for tourists, so you need to ensure you have a Sat Nav or map to guide you. To find car hire in Perth, look online to find reputable companies and quotes. It may also be beneficial to read tourist reviews to get further insight too. You may need to present a valid driving license, so make sure you have this with you when you arrive.

Getting Around Perth: Top Transport Options

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By Ferry

Another popular way of getting round Perth is by ferry. This transport option is great for sightseeing and offers a more laid back approach. You can find a number of ferry services on either side of the Swan River. This river runs directly through the center of Perth making it ideal for quick trips. But you can also use them for day trips to popular destinations such as Hillarys and Rottnest Island. The price of a single or return trip will vary depending on the service you are using. Their timetables and route will also differ. So go online and see the Transperth website for ticket prices and to download a free timetable. This will make it easier to plan your itinerary.

With so much to see and do in and around Perth, the transport you choose will only enhance your experience. You may even have to use all of these options during your stay. So get clued up before you arrive to make sure you make the best transportation choice possible.

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