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With the year coming to a close, it’s not only time to rest and relax – but it’s time to look forward to a brighter year. We’re not sure about yourself, but 2016 might not have been the best year for everyone across the globe. That’s why it’s a great idea to look to the future, plan ahead and make 2017 the best year for yourself possible.

So if you’re looking to get started with investment or expand your investment portfolio in the coming year, we’re going to jot down a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing and hopefully inspire you to take the next, or first, step on your investment journey in 2017.

Why is an investment so important? Well, with the job market being so competitive and the fact that people won’t be earning the same as their parents did back in the day, it’s important to find more ways to secure our financial futures and look after ourselves and our families.

The key thing to remember here? The market is smarter than you, so stick to what you know!

Firstly, you should look directly to property for investment. Property prices do fluctuate, and they still bow to the laws of the market, but very much like their structure they can be seen as a solid investment opportunity. While you can’t visit stocks or a fund, you can visit and touch a property, which inspires a bit more confidence in taking the leap. Looking into real estate like G1 Property Mooloolaba can get you started off on the right foot and have you owning a property in no time. Then it’s up to you to attract the good tenants and get going. The biggest benefit of a property is that the rent money goes directly to you and not only gives you cash to spare but will pay off the mortgage on the property leaving you with an income for life. Remember to look after the place, though!

There are many amazing investments in Australia that lie outside of property. You could opt for the usual stock investment or even look into a treasury fund. Australia has a booming tourism infrastructure that is constantly looking for investors, and you could very well get yourself involve in a large tourist development from the get go.

If you’re looking for help, the Government are more than happy to offer advice (for obvious reasons), but they can offer comprehensive help with your investment plans that will not only save you time but money as well! They might even help you speed up the investment approval process.

Investment is something you should look into in 2017, and our biggest recommendation is the security and foundation that real estate offers. As always, the choice is yours. Make sure you do your research before you commit cash and put your signature on the line. If you research well and invest wisely, the benefits could very well be life-changing, so you should be considering looking to make a wise investment in the coming year!

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