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To future-proof something, whether it be hardware, software, practices or even people, it is meant that you do your best to protect from being superseded and bettered by developments in the future. When it comes to business, future-proofing is a worthwhile activity as it can save a lot of time and money being spent in the future. If you can protect against something from happening now, then you should do it now rather than waiting to do it some time in the future because you may find that your circumstances may be different at that point. This is why future-proofing is a worthwhile venture for all business owners.

Customer facing technology is being embraced the world over in all forms of businesses in all forms of markets. It allows for customers to interactively and actively stay in control of their custom whilst, in reality, you are still in control, and even the biggest of companies are making use of it. For instance, restaurants are using this kind of technology to better their customer service by providing customers that are waiting in the queue the chance to place their order via an interactive board, thus cutting down on waiting times and allowing a different kind of service for customers that feels fresh. Also, McDonald’s are providing tablets that are secured to their tables so that the customers have something to use to search the web whilst they eat. This shows that this type of venture should be one that is taken, but making expensive technology so easily accessible to customers means that security procedures regarding them need to be future-proofed. Tablet enclosures should be sought to protect tablets from customers, both in regards to them being broken and in being stolen; tablet enclosures by Sprocket are an example of the type of protection you should seek to protect any customer facing tablets you may provide in the future. With this kind of future-proofing, you are protecting yourself from having to deal with stolen or broken technology in the future.

And there are a whole host of other, far more diverse and general ways, in which you can future-proof your business. A few ways to do so include: showing great precedence to partnerships that can be of great value in the future, and not just the transaction or profit that is being made in the present; and by helping any young employees, specifically Millennials, to flourish and try to distill an appreciation for your business in them as best you can. Any Millennials that you employee stand the best chance of taking your business to the next level once you feel you are too old, or too out-of-touch, to do so — this is why you should always mentor them as best you can. Future-proofing is essential to business; even Richard Branson thinks so.

You shouldn’t stifle your business’s progression by not taking it into the future, and you shouldn’t let your business suffer when it gets there by not preparing for it now.

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