Warehouses and other commercial storage places play a pivotal role in the business-to-customer process. If you own a business with a warehouse, it will likely act as storage space for your stock. When people place orders with your business, you head into the warehouse, get their order ready, and prepare it for delivery.

As a consequence, organising your warehouse is incredibly important for maintaining peak customer satisfaction levels. With a well-organised space, it’s easy to find items, and you can package them up ready for delivery in a matter of moments. As a consequence, the whole process can move quicker, offering a faster delivery time for your customers. This is particularly important in cases where there’s a specific time where the last delivery can ship out. If everything that’s getting delivered tomorrow needs to be sent out by 6pm today, then it pays when you know where items are. You can find them in seconds instead of minutes, and they get delivered the next day instead of making your customers wait until the day after.

This poses the question; how can businesses work to organise their warehouses better? Here are just a few of the best ideas:

Use The Height

Most people aim to organise their storage space based on the width and depth of the room. However, you’re missing out on an important aspect; the height. You have access to so much more storage room if you store things up high using tall shelves and racks. It can help clear things off the floor and make it easier to walk around. Plus, with access equipment such as scissor lifts, you can easily get to the items on the top shelf. You keep your warehouse more organised, and can potentially save money by making a smaller place feel bigger.

Organise In Rows

Life is much easier when you have your stock organised in rows. Each row can have a letter attached to it, and all the items in that row can be similar to one another. So, if you have to get some products for an order, you simply have to know what row they’re in, and it saves half the time. Instead of looking through every row, you go straight to the right one and look for the product. Fast, simple, and less stressful too.

Remember To Put Things Back

It’s common to be looking for some products and pick up ones around them to move to different places as you clear the space. You could put them on the floor or move them to a different row, you get what I mean. In this scenario, you mess up your tried and tested row system. So, you have to remember to put things back whenever you move them. This avoids misplacing items and taking ages to find them when an order comes in.

With just three simple ideas you can organise your warehouse and get orders ready for delivery in a matter of minutes. This ensures your customers get their things a lot quicker, which boosts their satisfaction levels.

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