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For anybody who creates content, whether you’re an artist or whether content creation is part of showcasing your expertise, you’d be surprised to know that your promotional approach is far from optimal. Indeed, investing time in the creation of your content is key to success. But it’s far from being enough. A piece of content that nobody notices is pointless. The magic word when it comes to attracting your target audience is PROMOTION. And promotion, contrary to the common belief, is not a matter of how much money you can throw at it, but how much brain you’ve invested in making it work.

If people can’t find you, you don’t exist

An online presence is an essential tool for your creative promotion in the 21st Century. However, you will need to up your SEO game if you want your audience to find you. From responsive web designs to sharing your sitemap with Google, you will find a lot of tips. While everybody has heard of the #1 tip, keywords, it’s hard to believe that too many people still get it wrong. You need to choose keywords that are relevant to your creations, and not to your market, as you need to have matching content to rank in search engines. Additionally, it might find it easier to focus on long tail search terms which are better suited for niches and benefit from a low competition; aka pick “wedding photographer for theme weddings around Brisbane” instead of just “wedding photographer’.

People only care if you’re a giver

It can be difficult to attract your audience at first. Creative professionals need to give an intend to their creations: You need to be a carer as much as a creator. What does this mean? Look at John Toussaint’s example. The health expert is not renowned for his medical knowledge only, but for the books and speeches he makes to help his audience. In other words, if you make your audience’s life easier, by becoming a creative coach or producing how-to tutorial videos, you’ll be able to reach a wider audience and better promote your work.

Social media is your best friend

Today’s artists can make the most of free online platforms to share their work. For visual creatives, such as painters or web designers, Instagram is the ideal platform to showcase your work. How to make it work? Play by the rules and share images of your lifestyle or creative process too. Make the best use of hashtags – you can use up to 30 – and more importantly, use only quality images!

Who is your target audience?

Finally, think of your art as a business. You need to define a target audience if you want to sell. The easiest way is to ask yourself 4 simple questions, namely: Why do you create, what problem does your creation address, how are you solving it, and who are you helping with it. Defining these can help you to find your niche in the market and promote your creative work to the best-suited audience.

The bottom line is, in promotion, use more brain and less money to get your creative productions the attention they deserve.

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