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If you run an eCommerce store then you will understand how hard it can be to stay ahead of your competition. At times you may feel as though you are doing really well, and then before you know it, your sales drop because another business decides to have a sale. Luckily, there are things that you can do to try and make your business more competitive and there are also ways to make your customers more loyal as well.

Establish Your Niche

You should know that it is not always a good idea for you to sell thousands of items at any one time. If you run a small business then you should be trying to find that niche market, and this is especially the case if you have a lot of competition. When you do engage with a niche market, your customers will be more loyal, and they will also find it much harder to seek out anyone else who can provide what you can. If you sell skin-care items for example, then you may find that your products have the same benefits and the same ingredients as your competition. This can make it very hard for you to stand out. If you use a rare or interesting ingredient in your products on the other hand, then you can begin to create a demand and unique market.

Don’t Rush

When you start up your own eCommerce site, you will have immediate access to a ton of customers. It may be tempting to launch your site as soon as you possibly can, regardless of what you think it looks like. If you want to stay ahead however then you need to make sure that you have a solid marketing strategy in place. You also need to make sure that your brand messaging is consistent and that you are able to access marketing platforms that your customers frequently visit. Of course, it’s also important to ensure that your eCommerce platform is also up to par with your customer expectations. It needs to be adaptable and responsive, at a minimum. When you have done this, you can then delve into search engine optimisation.

Brand Loyalty

You can instil brand loyalty by engaging them with social media content and even blogs as well. Finding your voice is so important and you also need to find unique ways of communicating with your customers as well. When you do this, you need to do it without trying to sell them something. It also helps to give them what they want. For example, if you feel as though they are always asking you about free shipping then look into providing this. When you do, you can get an edge over your competition and you can also make your customers feel as though they are being listened to.

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When you are setting your prices, you do need to remember that you don’t have to have the lowest price. Customers will buy from you for a huge number of reasons. Price isn’t always one of them, so you shouldn’t compete exclusively just on price. A good point to remember is that customers are always willing to pay more for a higher quality product or even a better customer service in general.

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