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If you were to get stuck in an elevator with a marketing executive, then you would probably find yourself forced to listen as they droned on about the paradigm shift that has seen online and, more specifically, mobile marketing take over the world with the same furore as Conor McGregor. They will tell you all about Facebook advertising, the power of a tweet, email subscribers, push notifications and whatever other online strategies seem to be working this week.

However, somewhere toward the end of their long-winded spiel – in which everything they said was probably bang on the money – they will probably pop in a small caveat about how offline marketing still has a supporting role to play. Ask us, though, and we would say these ‘old-school’ marketing techniques have a bigger role than most people would let on, with an ability to generate leads and boost sales like never before.

And here are the best of the best:

Throw Your Business Cards In The Air Like You Just Don’t Care

Do you know what the great thing about a business card is? They get passed around an awful lot, and they get passed to relevant people. That is why you should hand them out at every available opportunity because, even if the person you give it to pops it into their wallet for no reason other than politeness, they may know someone who will need it. So hand them out. Pin them to notice boards in supermarkets. Pop them into books in the library and just about anything else you can think of.

Get Yourself All The Branded Merchandise You Can

What better way is there to get your brand in front of people’s eyes than to put it on things that people will need. We’re talking about your brand being on coffee mugs in other offices, water bottles in the hands of park runners, lapel pins gracing suits of business workers, backpacks of gym-goers, bookmarks of subway readers and pens of crossword addicts. Branded merchandise gets everywhere. But the best bit of all is this: while Facebook posts have a lifespan of less than an hour, lapel pins have a lifespan of forever. It’s genius.

Garner A Personal Connection With The Local Community

Every local community comes together every so often to celebrate the thing they all have in common; vicinity. That is why you should make sure you create a personal connection with these people. They are your local customers and that means they could become your most loyal customers. How do you achieve this, though? Simple. Donate gifts at a local event, or raise money for a local charity by going on a sponsored bike ride, or sponsor a local sports team. That is a great way to gain visibility and, better yet, create referrals.

Never-Ever Ignore The Power Of Trade Shows. Period.

Trade shows are a great way to boost your exposure and, best of all, close the gap on any of your competitors. That’s because you can see exactly what your competitors are up to. You can see what products or services they are offering, what strategies they are using and how they are pitching themselves. You also have the chance to network with people, many of whom will be looking for opportunities to grow by partnering up or establishing working relationships.

Yes, the internet is here, and mobile marketing is the dominant force. But we still feel someone should have shouted, “Offline marketing is dead. Long live offline marketing.”

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